David Yue - JHU Professor of BME and Neuroscience

2/13/1957 - 12/23/2014

David was beloved by his students and colleagues alike for his ability to present complex concepts in an understandable, compelling way. As students noted in an article about David in The JHU Gazette, "He transforms his lectures into something like a thriller movie—you don't want to miss a second of it. His lectures are 90-minute marvels covering the history, mechanisms and applications of ion channel study. The material excites him so much that it excites all of us." David was recognized for his teaching ability by his colleagues and students. He is also a man of deep Christian conviction, and just about all of what he did professionally and avocationally was to establish the coherence in and between the two worlds of science and faith.    

The passion he brought to his work is eloquently reflected in a post David wrote some years ago titled, “The Privilege of Discovery”:


Every so often, the veil of confusing experimental results is parted, and something deep and beautiful about how biological life works is revealed. It is as if a syllable that God spoke becomes suddenly audible. The thrill of unearthing such 'God speak' is one of the special rewards of my profession.

David was a father like figure for me. Take a look at this website dedicated to him. It gives a snapshot of his impact on all the people around him.

Phil Yang & Professor David Yue - May 2013

David often spoke at SSM on the topic of Science and Faith. Here are some of the recordings and accompanied pdf slides. Some points overlap between the talks as they were given over a span of many years. 

1) 2005 - Reconciling the Life of an Academic Scientsit with that of an Evangelical Christian

2) 2006- Origins of First Life

3) 2008 - Reasons to Believe 

4) 2014 - Scripture and Origins